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Caravan Bar & Coffee Service

Little Corker


What kind of beverages can you serve?

The Little Corker is able to serve wine, champagne, beer, cider, soft drink, tea & coffee. Please note: beer and cider must be served out of bottles or cans as we are unable to serve from kegs.

Do you provide alcohol?

All alcohol is supplied by you. This allows you to cater to your event as you wish, with the alcohol of your liking.

What kind of Glassware is provided?

We have wine glasses and champagne glasses. Our cocktails and spirits are served in tumblers.  Beers are served by bottle.

Do you have Public Liability?


Do i need to get permits?

All licenses required for your event must be obtained by you. Events held on council property such as parks will require permission from your local shire. We are able to assist, please check with your venue if unsure.

How many staff do you provide & are they qualified?

We provide two qualified RSA staff. If your gathering is large we are able to supply an extra bartender at an additional cost.

Does your caravan require electricity?

Yes.. typically most places have electricity however if you are remote we are able to provide a generator.

Do you provide table service?

Bar service is from the caravan only, if you require an additional staff member and additional cost will be added to your package. Please let us know if your require table service as soon as possible.

Can you provide a themed or signature drink?

We sure can! If you have a cocktail or drink in mind we are happy to accommodate. We are also able to help create your own self named signature drink. Just ask.

How long can I hire Little Corker and the crew for?

You can have little corker and the crew for as long as you need,  however we do have a minimum time of 3 hours. Please note we are flexible and are happy to discuss your function needs. contact us for a quote on your required time.

How big is Little Corker?

3.35 meters long & 1.90 meters wide

Where are you based and do you travel?

We are located in Gippsland, Victoria and are more than happy to travel across the state. Travel longer than 60min from Drouin may incur and additional cost. 

What happens at the end of the night when guest are still using the glassware?

Towards the end of the night, usually about 60 min before service ends, we will start serving in plastic cups. We then deliver whats left of your alcohol to your designated area along with extra cups to keep you partying on.

* Special calendar days & public holidays will incur an additional fee

(New years eve, Mothers Day, Christmas eve, Easter etc) 

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