Mobile Bar & Coffee Service

Caravan Bar 

Meet Bianca, Girl Boss. 

We all have a business idea at least once in our lives. We all think how good would that be, and usually leave it at that. I did too for the longest time. It was a year in the making, the planning, branding, designing, and working out exactly how i would manage a full time job and caravan bar... questioning everything! All the reasons why it wont work until finally my sister pulled me up and said "mate you keep coming back to this idea, you keep questioning whether it will work, obviously you can't get it out of your head, you want to do it, so just do it!" And that was that! This country girl hired her first team member (my sister Simone haha) and became my own boss. 

With loads of hospitality experience between us, we both agree this is not a job for us but a hobby that we both love, are dedicated too and to be quite honest super good at! 

We look forward to meeting you!